For Ages 3-6

This programme trains children to be good upstanding citizens and gives them an excellent foundation for a lifetime. It includes units in safety and life skills, which develops them socially, emotionally, physically, and stretches them intellectually. Other topics covered indirectly are:

  • Learning to share

  • Self Esteem development

  • Developing a sense of independence

  • Taking turns

  • Curiosity stimulation

  • Speech and language development

  • Promotion of physical strength, coordination and stamina

  • Increased awareness of body and space

  • Fundamental motor skills development

  • Following instructions

  • Demonstrating respect for others

  • Demonstrating self control

  • Taking initiative and showing responsibility

  • Problem solving

  • Socialization Encouragement

  • Developing a love of learning

Our full time Instructors are CRB checked, first aid qualified and have experience working with this specific age group. We make sure to maintain a friendly and enthusiastic work environment at all times.



For Ages 7+

Since the 2012 Olympics Taekwondo has become the Britain’s most popular martial art and it’s not hard to see why! Its realistic fighting system, dynamic kicking and fast moving Olympic style sparring makes Taekwondo not only a superb martial art, but also an excellent way to get fit and stay healthy.

Unite Taekwondo offers a number of classes which cater to all abilities from absolute beginner to advanced students. Approved by British Taekwondo (Our National Governing Body)


Within our classes: Training for grading, Teaching and developing students, Competing at both national and international level, demonstration development, and realistic self defence. Knowing this you’d be mad to try anywhere else!

This school offers children and adults an opportunity to channel their energy whilst learning key skills such as discipline, Respect, self-defence, and consequences,  the development of each person as a whole, nowhere is this more important than in our classes, where we help students realize that they must embody the very same principles that parents try to instil in their children.